Services by Platform IQ: hosting, streaming and trafficking

We have grouped our services into the following categories:

Hosting IQ

Hosting-IQ_RGBBeing able to use software without having to install, configure, maintain and update it, is what most people call cloud computing. We’ve taken this a step into the future, because when you host with us, you still get the support and service from a team of specialists that you want and expect. Hosting IQ includes hosting for these applications:

  • Revive Adserver (formerly known as OpenX Source)
  • WordPress

Streams IQ

Streams-IQ_RGBThe growth of online video and audio has inspired us to start offering a specialized form of hosting that takes care of all your needs for streaming video and audio. We call this Streams IQ and it includes:

  • streaming video
  • streaming audio

 Traffic IQ

Traffic-IQ_RGBIn addition to great hosting and streaming services like Hosting IQ and Streams IQ, our customers have started to ask us to also take care of their day to day operations, handling online ad campaigns, or e-mail newsletters. We call this group of services Traffic IQ, and it includes:

  • Creating and optimizing online ad campaigns in Revive Adserver (this is what is often called trafficking or ad operations)
  • Creating, editing and sending e-mail newsletters