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Our sponsoring of Revive Adserver

In January 2017, the Revive Adserver open source project opened a crowdfunding campaign on Patreon. We decided to pledge a small amount of our monthly revenue to this campaign.

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Incident Report Hosting Outage February 10, 2015

On February 10, 2015, our ad server hosting platform suffered an outage that lasted multiple hours. This incident report has details on the cause of the outage and additional background information. At 08.46 UTC, our external monitoring system reported several issues...

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Planned hosting platform maintenance May 22, 2014

On Thursday, May 22, our network engineers will be performing planned routine maintenance on our hosting platform. During this maintenance window, customers may experience short intervals of reduced connectivity. Please continue reading for details. When The...

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A new year, a new name: Platform IQ

Platform IQ offers a number of services and products that form a strong foundation for the business of our customers. We do this with smart software, servers, people and smart customers.

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Business size does matter

Starting a new project or new business is often a leap of faith, nobody knows what the outcome will be, exactly. But the effort you put in has a direct effect on the results. Seth Godin talks about this in his blog ‘An atomic theory of business size’.

In the article, he warns about unrealistic expectations from scaling up a well-running business. You can’t just take an idea that works well at one level, multiple the number of staff by a factor of five for instance, and expect turn over and revenue to also increase by the same factor.

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