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Erik Geurts is the Founder, Owner and Managing Director of Platform IQ. He is a specialist in digital advertising technology, ad servers, real time bidding, site hosting and e-mail marketing.

Visit Seth Godin’s blog for more thought provoking ideas and questions

A few months ago, I bookmarked a blog post by Seth Godin that really made me think at the time. He lists 16 questions that people should answer when they’re planning to start a business. What I liked about these questions is that most of them are not the typical multiple choice questions that you often see. These are open questions that really force you to dig deep into your motivations and personal goals.

I revisited this page this week because I’m working on a project that quickly turning into a completely new business. Instead of just rushing into the project, I sat down and made myself write down the answers to all 16 questions. Putting words to paper means you can not fool yourself into thinking you’ve fully answered the question.

As it turns out, it’s not always as easy as you would think to understand your own reasons or needs that guide you when considering a new venture. Often, you just go with the flow and continue doing what you’ve always been doing. Working through these questions helped me to be better prepared for the project and to be ready for when the project turns into a real business.